Suzuki, in this case, is not a motorbike! The Japanese name Suzuki is shared with an extended learning method specially aimed at children starting an instrument in early childhood. This training can be started from birth, but typically parents introduce the method to their children between the ages of two and four.

The Suzuki Method is based similarly on Mother Tongue language learning whereby children are exposed to a lot of music listening and developing this together with a parent, in the same way a baby learns language.

Claire Conolly started the Suzuki Method at 12 months of age instructed by her mother, and then proceeded to play the violin at 3 years of age. Claire is therefore well experienced in the Suzuki method!

Suzuki is suitable where there is a strong family routine, and where the parents have enough time daily to dedicate to participating at home with the child, and therefore is not suited to all families. Whether Suzuki is suitable in each case will be discussed and agreed with the parent(s).

Clare teaching piano