Exam introduction


Archipel Music Academy offers an extensive exam program to any student who wishes to attain an academic qualification during the year. Exams are a fantastic way to motivate students, and as well as receiving a UK-recognised qualification it elevates the student to a higher level of excellence in a relatively short amount of time.

The exam program also develops important life skills such as long and short-term planning, hard work, confidence and the satisfaction of recognised achievement.

The ABRSM and TRINITY College exams are both offered in the Netherlands, and have similar requirements; they differ slightly, so which one better suits the student will be assessed and agreed prior to registration. Both qualifications are fully accredited with the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) (a credit transfer system): http://www.accreditedqualifications.org.uk/

Exams are not compulsory at Archipel Music Academy, and are only entered into if the child is ready technically, emotionally mature enough, and willing to participate.

Which examination to take most often depends on what fits in the student’s schedule through the year. For example, taking an exam in December may be preferable to in April, which would determine choosing either an ABRSM or Trinity exam.

For families considering applying for UK Public Schools and seeking bursaries, certificates in ABRSM/ Trinity exams at a high level (Grade 5 at least) are often necessary and some schools even require Grade 5 certificates in two instruments. Archipel Music Academy will support your child in attaining the required level of certification.

Above view of a child playing piano