Recital Information for 2018/19:

Winter Concert:  2nd December 2018
Summer Concert:  30th June 2019.

Violin Rehearsals with piano accompanist and Final Dress rehearsal of Irish Fiddle Group on 23rd June 2019.

Details of the venue are the same for both concerts.
Time: 4pm
Venue: Soefi Centrum Den Haag
Address: Anna Paulownastraat 78, 2518 BJ Den Haag (very close to the Peace Palace)
Duration: approx. 60-70 mins

Each participating student to perform: 1 solo piece/song or duet
Dress: Formal for all performers (see dress code for more information)
Attendance: Family (extended too) and friends welcome. Please consider a child minder at home for babies and very small children.
Fee: A small participation fee will be invoiced a few weeks prior the concerts in order to help contribute to the venue hire.
Drinks and nibbles provided afterwards.

EXAMS DATES 2018/19:
TRINITY Practical: 29th March – 1st April 2019
ABRSM Practical: November/December 2018 (Last date of entry: Friday 14 September 2018)
ABRSM Theory 6th November 2018 (Last date of entry: Friday 14 September 2018)

Archipel Music Academy Exam PRACTICE Concert:

Date: 17th March 2019
Time : 4pm
Venue: Raamweg 45, 2596 HN Den Haag

ISH Music Festival/Competition :

Date: 23rd March 2019
Time: All day, check your section time
Venue: International School of the Hague - Wijndaelerduin, 2554 BX Den Haag

Irish Fiddle Camp Weekend:

8th – 9th June 2019
Address: Verlaat 4, 1734 JN Oude Niedorp

Make up Lesson Dates for Claire’s students:

17th of December
18th of March
3rd of June
8th of July

Child playing piano