The piano needs little introduction, as one of the most popular and recognised instruments in all of Western culture.

The Piano is often considered the most fundamental of instruments as there is the possibility of reaching a wide range of high and low notes as well as easily producing chords for rich harmonies. The range of the instrument is such that it can be played to produce music of almost any genre.

Piano is also a great instrument for learning how to read music, as the keyboard has been engineered in a clear and logical way.

Unlike the violin, piano is far easier to start learning, as there are less demands on technique and the body. However, technique is extremely important and at the Academy, correct technique is essential and is always a focus in each lesson.

The Academy has a wide range of resources to cater for different musical tastes and levels which allows each student to follow their own path of progression.

Piano Purchase/Hire:
The Academy will advise those who are looking to purchase or hire a piano to suit their budget and needs.

Child playing piano
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