Early childhood music

Archipel Music Academy accepts students from the age of three years old. Starting young is the best way to ensure a child enjoys music in the long term, enabling them to establish musical concepts deeply, and benefits them enormously from an all-round developmental perspective. Typically, the younger a child starts instrumental lessons, the less likely they are to discontinue later when they are older.

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Violin and Piano are instruments well suited to children under the age of 5.
Many parents feel their child is far too energetic and active to sit still for 30 mins, but parents are always pleasantly surprised at how much their child settles in after only 3 weeks from beginning their instrumental lessons. After the child becomes comfortable in the new environment and the new routine of the lessons, the child relaxes and is able to progress confidently.
Starting before five years of age is wonderful preparation for school, as the child has the opportunity to practice concentrating, listening to instructions and gaining all-important fine motor skills.

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At the Archipel Music Academy your child will start reading music in the first few months, which is incredibly rewarding for the child and will give them confidence in reading literacy.
Claire Conolly has 15 years’ experience in teaching children under the age of five, and has seen how incredibly valuable those early years are in shaping a young child’s life.
Claire enjoys supporting the development of young children, and will carefully guide them with a variety of learning techniques which they will find fun and stimulating.
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